'Twilight' Fans Help Another MTV Staffer Get Hooked

'Twilight'The following is a message to the fans of "Twilight" from our colleague, Sabrina.

Dear Twilighters,

Like many of us here at MTV News, I've been alternately amused and baffled by the amount of attention all things "Twilight" have received since we first started covering the making of the movie. I've never been a hard-core fanatic of anything, not since I was a teenager, anyway. I read only the first third of the first "Harry Potter," loved "Lord of the Rings" but didn't go crazy over the movies, could take or leave most other novel series.

But something about your enthusiasm over the "Twilight" books got me curious. Maybe it's the way you are always so grateful for coverage (and adoring of our own Larry Carroll). Maybe it was the way the discussion is always more about how the characters relate to each other than about details of mythology or costumes (not that those haven't happened too). Anyway, after editing many of these articles, and reading many of your comments, it got the better of me.

For the sake of convenience (OK, also 'cause I was a little embarrassed to be seen reading a YA vampire novel on the subway), I downloaded "Twilight" onto my iPod last week, thinking it would be a fun diversion while washing the dishes and going to the gym. Huh, good plan. Five days later, I'm done with "New Moon" and trying to tell myself I should save book three at least for another week, so I won't go into withdrawal too quickly. Like Bella on Edward and Edward on Bella, I am hooked in a totally unhealthy way. Because it's on my iPod, I have cleaned my house from top to bottom, just to have the excuse to keep listening. I take my dog on extra-long walks and ignore the neighbors who say "hi" to me. I was thrilled when it was overcast and rainy on Sunday, just to match my Forks mood. I was annoyed all day Monday at having to work, when I still didn’t know what would happen to my new vampire and werewolf families.

This is scary, 13-year-old-girl-level obsession. I have a serious book by a Nobel Prize winner sitting neglected on my bedside. I can't really afford to lock myself in the bedroom to read for 10-hour blocks, the way I did when I discovered "The Outsiders," and the rest of S.E. Hinton's books. All of the raw emotion and excitement of my high school love life should NOT be so immediate in my mind. And I should not be worried that I'll experience that heartbreak all over again when I'm done with these books!

So, Twilighters, you got me into this mess. Do I need to anger the Volturi to get out of it?

Thanks (I think),

Sabrina Rojas Weiss

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