Guillermo Del Toro Wants Original LOTR Cast Back for 'The Hobbit'

'The Lord of the Rings'Over the last year, we've made it a point to ask as many of the original actors from "Lord of the Rings" as possible to chime in with their opinion of the eventual "Hobbit" movie, and more specifically, to weigh in with whether or not they'd be game to re-enter the world of Middle Earth.

Sure, not all of their characters appear in "The Hobbit," but with a second, transitional film that takes place in the years between the two novels, could we possibly see Aragorn, Frodo, Galadriel, and the rest back for another go round? To hear the actors themselves say it, the answer was a resounding yes.

Well, it's time to put down the pipe weed, Viggo, dust off those ears, Cate, practice your archery Orlando, and get ready to walk around barefoot, Sean and Elijah -– you're about to get asked to go "back again."

"I want to be very clear about this. I am not going to recast any actor that is willing and able to work with us," "recently announced "Hobbit" director Guillermo Del Toro told MTV News. "It would be my hope to bring back the same actors to play the parts. The casting on the trilogy was perfect."

Does that mean he has no intention of re-casting Bilbo as well? Well, not exactly. For Guillermo's ideas on who should play Bilbo, make sure you head over to Movies Main, where the talented director talked at length about his plans for "The Hobbit," including chatter on Smaug, Riddles in the Dark, and more.

Then come back here and let us know where you think all the above characters fit in. Would you want to see Legolas at the Battle of Five Armies? How about Galadriel at the White Council? Will Aragorn run into Frodo one day while protecting the Shire? Sound off on your ideas below.