Original 'Robocop' Screenwriter Champions Franchise's Return

'Robocop'When MGM issued a recent press release about its upcoming development slate, it didn't take observant fans very long to notice that one of those projects was none other than "Robocop." The studio has remained coy about exactly what their plans are for the cyborg cop franchise, but we know of at least one person who's amped for a return appearance.

"I would love to make a 'Robocop' movie," declared Ed Neumeier, the original screenwriter of Paul Verhoeven's classic before comic creator Frank Miller took over scripting reigns for the film's sequels.

If police officer Alex J. Murphy does head back to Hollywood, Neumeier -- who went on to write "Starship Troopers" 1 and 2, and is directing the third -- promises that he's the man for the director's chair. "I actually have a lot of ideas about what we could do with Robocop now," he told us. "I think he's a very vital character at the moment."

Given the current political climate, Neumeier sees a natural fit for his style of writing that made the original "Robocop" one of the most subversive films of the period. "I'm not saying this is what's happening," he began, "but would it be funny to say that there's a climate of fear that has been pervasive in the media that [says] we should stay at home, we should buy more stuff, and we should not protest or ask anything? So we might play around with that or something."

But if that doesn't take, there's always one other hot-button topic. "Marriage...we could do that too," joked the filmmaker. "That's pretty political."

While MGM has yet to approach him to work on the project, according to Neumeier, he's just happy to see his baby back in the spotlight. "Listen, 'Robocop' to me is kind of like having a kid. If it keeps going, it's like 'Now he's in grad school. Now he's got a big job at a Fortune 500 company.' So that's cool. They're going to do a good job on it, I'm sure."

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