Matt Reeves Puts 'Cloverfield' Sequel On Back Burner, Eager To Get 'Invisible'

Matt ReevesIn my mind, anybody who writes "Under Siege 2: Dark Territory" deserves mad props. Eric Bogosian is the bomb, yo!

Others, however, may find Matt Reeves more notable for having directed the monstrous hit "Cloverfield." I recently interviewed him on the topic of spoilers and sequels, and we also touched on his next film, which unfortunately will not involve either 30-foot-tall monsters nor Steven Seagal.

"I am directing a movie called 'The Invisible Woman,'" he explained, distancing the flick from anything involving Chevy Chase, trenchcoats and floating sunglasses. "And it's not like a sci-fi movie, even though the title seems to apply."

Instead, Reeves' original script revolves around a former beauty queen whose desire to protect her family takes her down some dark paths. "[The title] is sort of more metaphorical," he explained. "It's kind of a Hitchcockian thriller, in the vein of 'Marnie,' about this woman that gets so desperate to save her family, that she goes to crazy lengths and enters a life of crime. It's a very, very psychological thriller, but then it's a lot of fun."

Although it was originally believed that Reeves would go "Invisible" after he directed the "Cloverfield" sequel, he revealed that the film is now getting ready to move from pre-production to a full-on greenlight.

"We are still in the midst of casting it right now," he said. "I wrote the script, and I'm gonna direct it, and hopefully we are going to make the [starring actress] announcement in the next few weeks."

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