Uwe Boll Gets Conned Out Of 'Metal Gear Solid' Movie...By The French!

Uwe BollHere's a joke: Did you hear the one about Uwe Boll directing a movie version of the acclaimed video game series "Metal Gear Solid"? So did Uwe Boll – only he's not laughing.

"This was an absurd story," Boll told MTV News about how his name got attached and then removed from a cinematic adaptation. "Two French guys wrote a script, said they are from Konami hired to write the script, said ‘You wanna direct it?' I read the script, I liked the script. I said, 'Yes, I can do it.'"

A quick deal! Fortune and glory awaited Mr. Boll. Well, they would. Too bad those two French dudes were flat-out con-artists.

"I read on the internet Konami said they had nothing to do with me, they had nothing to do with the movie. So it turned totally against me in the press.," Boll revealed. "Like 'Boll tried to do Metal Gear Solid, but he didn't get the rights.' And this is how it is sometimes."

So has he dealt with Konami since? Does he think that bright, sunny day he might eventually get to make a full-length version of "Metal Gear Solid"? "No, I don't think so, no," he reluctantly admitted. Well, there's always "World of Warcraft"...oh, wait.

What do you think? Would you kill for an adaptation of "Metal Gear Solid," with or without Uwe Boll behind the camera? Sound off below.