Brendan Fraser Sounds Game For 'Mummy 4’

Brendan FraserThe franchise has been away from the big-screen for seven years. It's changed directors. It even replaced its leading lady.

And, yet, so confident was newcomer Maria Bello that the Mummy series hooked itself up to the rejuvenation machine - she recently promised MTV that there would be at least three more before all was said and done.

"I've got to talk to her. We need to compare notes!" star Brendan Fraser joked, playfully refusing to directly address Bello's assertion. "I have to go read my agreement. Do I get to come back too?"

Well, of course you do, sir, so no fair being coy – the Mummy's already out of the sarcophagus, so to speak. Let's take it as a given that there will be more sequels. Given the choice, then, how would you like your next ten years Mr. Fraser? Covered in sand or draped in foliage?

"There are many, many possibilities," Fraser said of possible destinations for "The Mummy 4 ½" ("Scorpion King!") "There are so many archaeological rich cultures in the world that have yet to be unearthed, who's to say we couldn't go to the mountains of Peru?"

You want to go to Peru. Bello told us she wants to go to the Amazon. Let's put it this way: a) something tells me you've talked about it and b) something tells me not to bet against South America.

So have at it "Mummy" fans: Do you want to see a fourth installment? And would South America be the place to go? Sound off below.