Brendan Fraser On The 'Superman' Movie That Never Was

Brendan FraserAs much as we love reporting on the superhero films that are in development, we go nearly as crazy as the ones that never will be. For instance, how would you have liked A "Superman" flick directed by Brett Ratner and starring...wait for it...Brendan Fraser.

When I spoke with Fraser over the weekend at the NY Comic Con, he revealed all. "I wore the suit," he admitted about his screen test for Ratner. "They were so top secret about it. Somewhere probably in a vault is my screen test."

And apparently he nailed it in Ratner's eyes because he says he had the part. "First they offered it to me. Then they didn't offer it to me," he laughed. "Then a huge swath of guys came in to put the suit on. We acted scenes as Clark Kent and [Superman]." (Watch video and more after the jump)

Fraser said the script at the time was the one by "Lost" creator J.J. Abrams and described it as " really really really cool." So in the end did he really want to join the ranks of George Reeves and Christopher Reeve? "Oh yeah. Everybody did. Everybody in town was up for this," he said.

Watch him recall it all below.

So did they make the right choice? Would you have preferred to see Fraser over newcomer Brandon Routh? Make the call below.