EXCLUSIVE: New 'Twilight' Footage Goes Behind The Scenes, Fulfills Dreams

'Twilight'"This looks just right."

Our friends at Summit Entertainment premiered a mind-blowing new "Twilight" clip for the lucky crowds at New York's Comic-Con this weekend, featuring that quote from a set-visiting Stephenie Meyer. Quite frankly, we're inclined to agree.

Now, we're passing the clip on to you, along with a warning: For all of you who've memorized every line of the novels, hungered for each tidbit of info you can find on our site, and cursed every month between now and December, please make sure you're sitting down as you press play. Also, a crash helmet might come in handy. (CLICK HERE TO PLAY IT, AND RETURN TO READ THE REST...)

The tasty video tidbit yet begins with footage of Jackson Rathbone swinging a baseball bat, and leads into several others shots from the beloved baseball scene. Not only do you get a look at the uniforms that clad the Cullens, but you also get a quick peek at a showdown that looks half Rugby-scrum, half Jets vs. Sharks-like rumble.

Feel free to indulge in your shrieking as you glimpse Edward kissing Bella's head in the hospital, giving her the "I want to kill you/no I don't" stare in Biology class, and getting ready to give her a piggyback up a tree with the warning "You'd better hold on tight, spider-monkey!" OMG, Robert just spoke without his accent! And, could this be the beginning of the notorious "treetops" scene)?

Giving us what might be an early peek at the film's marketing campaign, we get the tagline "When you can live forever, what do you die for?" and uber-cool trading cards introducing Bella, Edward, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, Esme, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie and...wait for it...The Nomads!

Try not to give your computer a meltdown with all the pause-play-pause you'll use to glimpse at footage like the wire work, the vampires using movie magic to walk quickly towards the camera, what looks to be a Slip 'n Slide, some poor dude getting his head ripped off, and a sweet preview of Bella's scream.

"Not one shot is easy," grins director Catherine Hardwicke in the clip. "I love it. Welcome to Twilight!"

What's your favorite shot in the clip? Anything look particularly authentic or incorrect to you? Discuss, Twilighters!

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