Dig the 'Speed Racer' Mach 5? Then Win It!

Heidi MontagThere are few things in this world that are truly insane. Talking pigs. Anything by Uwe Boll. Owning a vehicle inspired by one of the coolest vehicles ever to hit the fantasy entertainment landscape...

That's right, our friends at Spike have constructed a vehicle ripped from the Mach 5 from "Speed Racer." This car -- valued at a whopping 100 grand -- features a 350hp Corvette V8 engine and a blood-red leather interior. In short, it's the things dreams are made of.

Due to some stupid federal law, we're prohibited from entering ourselves, but luckily we can live vicariously through you. So do us a grand favor and enter, and win, and then invite us over to cruise for hot dates.

To enter, visit RaceForSpeedRacer.com or text FAST to 90736 (standard text rates apply).  And if you DO win, please come back here and gloat.