A Special Message To The Newly Named 'Twilight' Fans, Straight From The Stars

You’ve watched the brand-spankin’ new set visit video so many times that “I don’t know; they’ve got brooms!” is your new personal catchphrase. You’ve read so much about Stephenie Meyer’s cameo in the “Twilight” film that you’ll know exactly where to look for her come December 12. Maybe you’ve even posted some very nice things about yours truly, which I completely appreciate — although let’s be honest, MTV Movies Blog reader “Lyndsay”: a “worldwide Larry Carroll Appreciation Day” just seems to be shooting a tad high. Hell, I doubt my wife would even celebrate it.

Now, get ready to feast like a blood-thirsty vegetarian vampire circling a wounded deer: A more detailed, written version of our visit to the Portland set just went live, revealing even more details about the flick.

You might also notice that throughout the piece, we’re calling the “Twilight” fanbase one name. And that’s because our recent “Twi-Hards, Twilighters or Something Else?” poll has officially come to a close!

Thanks to all the thousands of “Twilight” fans who voted. Check out the video above for a very special message from Robert, Kristen, Kellan and Nikki just for you!