Our Mailroom Revs Up For Free 'Speed Racer' Toys

Working at MTV is a mixed bag. On the downside, all the cubicles have little Daria stickers on them that refuse to come off. I also can't enter any of the contests. That $100,000 "Speed Racer" Mach 5 giveaway I mentioned earlier? I'm out in the cold, but you can still be in it to win it.

But then, on the other hand, this place is like doing time at the Wonka factory. On any given day you could lose out on free office cupcakes to Slash, find Carl Weathers lounging in your desk chair, or duck and cover while Snoop Dogg punches your cubicle wall. It's a colorful canvas here at the crossroads of pop culture.

And then there's the free swag. From "Beowulf" pelts and "Iron Man" Nerf launchers to "Odd Couple" antibacterial hand sanitizers, you never know what the UPS man has waiting for you. Like today, when a giant "Speed Racer" toolbox arrived.

You know this isn't your average promotional junk when opening the lid triggers a light-activated voicechip. "All drivers to your cars" the toolbox commands as a serious-looking cardboard Emile Hirsch comes into view, alongside his equally as cardboard Mach-5 racer. And free stuff ahoy. (After the jump, a ton of pics!)

"Speed Racer" Hot Wheels are the bulk of this garage, with each of the film's manic vehicles getting the miniature treatment.

Toymaker Mattel also sent along one of their larger collector editions, modeled here by bikini blogger Josh Horowitz.

Ladies, if you think "Lost" castaway Matthew Fox is a hunk on the island, check out his LEGO persona. Look at those abs!

I also got a nice "Speed Racer" t-shirt which I plan to proudly wear at NY Comic-Con this weekend. Sadly, an inflatable Chim-Chim wasn't in the cards. Alas, thanks anyway Warner folks!