Don't Expect To See Ripley In 'Avatar,' Says Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney WeaverWhen it comes to bad-ass babes in cinema history, well, there's Ellen Ripley, the take no prisoners heroin at the center of "Alien" and its three sequels, and then there's everybody else.

But if anyone could match her, it would have to be the tag-team of James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver, back together again on the 3-D extravaganza "Avatar," right? Could Dr. Grace Augustine be a Ripley for the 21st century?

At least one person doesn't think so. Too bad that one person is Weaver herself.

"There's not too much Ripley [in her]. The only thing they have in common is they devoted their lives to this other thing," the veteran actress recently told MTV News. "I think [Grace] probably would have liked a normal life but she had to make a choice and she chose science."

Ok, yeah, but it's a Cameron film. That means even eggheads get into a little action – and Doc Augustine is no exception, Weaver confessed, revealing that she's front and center for a lot of butt-kicking.

"She has an avatar. She's very involved," Weaver teased. "[In fact,] I would say her real life is as an avatar."

That's...confusing – mostly because we don't really know yet exactly what an avatar is in Cameron's script. Does Weaver's statement mean that she takes over another person's body? Does it mean that somebody takes over hers? Anyone with knowledge or details, please write in below.

In the meantime, Weaver is still talking about how she's taking over another person's body to prepare for the role. Well, sort of.

"I'm playing very much a leader in this. Someone who gets the job done. Someone very very driven and smart and yet funny. The only person I could think of that was like this at all was Jim Cameron," Weaver said, echoing statements she made to MTV in February. "Jim Cameron is an amazing person. First of all he knows everything in an unobnoxious way. He just wants to get on with it so he has a great deal of leadership."

What in the heck is "Avatar"? Help a brother out and sound off below on what you think Weaver means.