Countdown To 'Iron Man': MTV Wants To Know What Do You Want To See?

Iron ManRemember the last property you worshipped that was bastardized by Hollywood? Alright all of you irate "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" fans, sit down. Now to be fair, thus far most of what we've seen of "Iron Man" has gotten we, the die-hards, pretty pumped. Like how they're using the armor from that first "Tales of Suspense" appearance?!? And the fact that they're apparently setting up James Rhodes to don his own armor in a sequel? And what about those glimpses of Iron Monger?!?

Okay, sorry. Lost it for a second. But seriously, what do you think? We want to hear from you. It's T-minus three weeks until "Iron Man" opens. What NEEDS to be in the flick? Hints of Tony Stark's alcoholism? A cameo by Stan Lee? Some memorable quote or allusion that makes Iron Man the character and franchise you love? We'll be taking the best comments to the cast, and it might even end up on MTV.

It's now or never! Sound off. What damn well better be in "Iron Man" to make you, the loyal fan, happy?