Verne Troyer Reveals 'Love Guru' Cameos, Admires Jessica Simpson's Ample Talents

Verne TroyerWe all remember the star-packed cameos from "Austin Powers in Goldmember," the third installment in the spy spoof series that featured everybody from Tom Cruise to Steven Spielberg, Danny DeVito to Britney Spears. Now, with "The Love Guru" just two months away, could Mike Myers once again have stars in his eyes?

"Yes, she's in the movie," Verne Troyer confirmed this week, speaking about a formerly-top-secret appearance by Jessica Simpson. "There are a lot of cameos in this."

The June 20th film features Myers' first original character since his world-famous shag-adellic spy, casting him as the meditative self-help guru Pitka, who is hired by the Toronto Maple Leafs to settle the romantic difficulties of the hockey team's star player. Although Myers has done his best to keep the "Guru" cameos secret, it sounds like Pitka will be seen helping at least one famous person to get her romantic life in order.

"When she needs help she comes to the love guru, Mike," revealed Troyer, who plays a diminutive, mean-spirited hockey coach in the flick. "I don't want to tell you every one of [the cameos], but you're going to be surprised."

Although the actor formerly known as "Mini Me" was eager to reunite with Myers, Troyer said that the day of Simpsons' cameo may have been the most difficult one he's ever spent on a set.

"That one day we had Jessica Simpson there, it was difficult for me and every other guy," he grinned. "Because Jessica was wearing a nice dress down to her knees but, of course, there's the cleavage. It was cold and, this is funny, because on-stage when we were filming, because Mike has all this makeup, he has it very very cold. You can see your breath when you breathe – it's that cold in the studio."

"So, everybody is walking around with big heavy North Face jackets on, trying to stay warm, and Mike's just sitting there like ‘This feels good'," Troyer laughed. "So she had to have a jacket on most of the time. But when [Simpson] took her jacket off, that's when everyone was like ‘damn!'."

Are you eager to see Jessica make her guest-starring appearance? Who else would you like to see cameo in "The Love Guru?"