EXCLUSIVE: First-Look Footage Reveals Jacob Black From 'Twilight'

In the "Twilight" novels, Jacob Black is a 6’ 7”, newly 16-year-old of Native American descent who spends equal time consumed by his love for Bella and his newfound power to transform into a werewolf. In real life, Taylor Lautner is a 5’ 9”, newly 16-year-old who recently discovered his own Native American heritage and is spending equal time learning to drive and developing the look for his new movie. "The wig is very interesting," Lautner told us Friday when we caught up with him on the Portland, Oregon, set of "Twilight." "I'm definitely going to have to get used to it."

The affable "Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl" star doesn't even step in front of the cameras until later this week, but MTV News was on set to watch Lautner report for his first transformation into Jacob Black. Check out the video above to get an exclusive peek at Lautner's new look as he unveils it to director Catherine Hardwicke, then heads into the Cullens' garage to introduce his new self to Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed and his other co-stars.

"It's like halfway down my back," he said of the hair. "I think they want it parted down the middle, so I'll flip one side back and one side in front. They don't want to do a ponytail because James, the evil vampire, is doing the ponytail. They want that contrast."

Lautner, who told us that some recent research into his family history revealed that he shares Jacob's Native American ancestry, arrived in Portland last week to spend some time behind the wheel of a "Twilight" vehicle and assure filmmakers he’d be OK to drive on camera with his newly received license. He was also eager to slip into his character -- although his new costume did leave him scratching his head.

"It gets kind of itchy at times, so I'm sure I will be putting it in a pony tail or something while I'm just waiting around," Lautner laughed. "It's very weird looking at myself in a mirror with the long hair, because my hair has never been longer than what it is now. I'll have to get used to it, but I'm sure I will."

In other "Twilight" news, we've got even more details about Stephenie Meyers' cameo. Keep checking back, because we'll have plenty of "Twilight" news to roll out between now and its December 12 release.

What do you think of Taylor's look? Is it the Jacob Black you imagined when you read the "Twilight" books?