Joshua Jackson Says He Won't Be The Next 'Fletch'

Joshua JacksonPaging Dr. Rosenrosen. Dr. Rosenrosen, you're needed for an emergency.

Last year, the long in development "Fletch" prequel finally seemed a go when star Joshua Jackson signed on for the titular role, made famous by Chevy Chase in two 80s classics. But in a recent conversation with MTV, Jackson says his involvement with the movie is completely over, and you'll never guess the reason why.

"Well, ah, I was going through a really dark period in my life," Jackson said of a crippling addiction. "Then the lawyers got involved and that was that."

A drug addiction? Lawyers?

"I wish I could tell you that!" Jackson finally confessed, bursting out laughing at his Fletch-like ruse. "I wish I could tell you that I had some sort of heroin problem or a fight with the director, but [my not doing the film] is for just the most boring, silly reason."

Namely, he said, the way the rights to the character have continued to shift among different producers. The off-shoot of this, of course, is that one time or another everyone from Zach Braff, to Jason Lee, to John Krasinski has been attached. Jackson doesn't know who it'll ultimately be, but it won't be him, he insisted.

"In the way that rights are assigned in this business, when it didn't happen last summer, I think the rights went back to different person," he said. "So the guy that offered me the job, I don't think owns it anymore, which is unfortunate."

So Jackson's off – but who's next? Is there an actor you'd like to see step into Chase's shoes? Sound off below.