Miley Cyrus Looks Towards Nashville For Next 'Hannah Montana' Movie

Miley CyrusAs teen pop sensation Hannah Montana, beloved TV character Miley Stewart has seen her share of sights. She's traveled the country, and been to the top of the music charts. This year, she even made it to the big-screen in the ambitious "Best of Both Worlds" concert tour. Now Miss Stewart is about to go the one place she hasn't yet been, revealed "Hannah Montana" star Miley Cyrus...home.

"[She's] going to Nashville," confessed Cyrus of the set-up for the still-untitled "Hannah Montana" movie, which begins filming April 12.

For those who don't religiously watch the popular Disney Channel show, Montana is the alter-ego of Miley Stewart, a regular ninth grade girl who keeps her more popular identity a secret from all but her closest friends. Sometime before the show began, Stewart left Nashville for Los Angeles so she could follow her dreams of rock stardom as Hannah.

Much of the show's humor comes from this dichotomy: boisterous, popular Hannah playing late, silly, self-conscious Miley sleeping during homeroom. More often than not, the double life leaves Miley making excuses, or trying to explain socially awkward situations.

Not anymore, says Cyrus, who says Miley Stewart will finally be front and center for the movie.

"It's showing more of the Miley side of life," Cyrus said of the flick, which will be released in 2009. "More of the normal girl kind of figuring herself out type thing.

"It's going to be really cool, really funny" Cyrus added.

Are you looking forward to "The Hannah Montana Movie"? Do you think heading back to Nashville is a good idea? Sound off below.