George Clooney Ready To Re-Team With Coens For 'Suburbicon,' Talks 'Farragut North'

George ClooneyWhen news leaked online, on and elsewhere, that the Coen Brothers were handing over one of their scripts to George Clooney for the latter to direct, it felt strange. Many rightly wondered why they just wouldn"t direct it themselves.

Apparently, so did the Coens, laughed Clooney.

"No, no, I wanted to do that, [but] I haven"t stolen that one away from them yet, I think they are going to do it," Clooney said of "Suburbicon." "I think they are going to direct it, but I love that project. I have a part in it that I would love to play."

The project is billed as a dark comedy. I say that only because, honestly, there really isn"t much more to add. That"s what"s out there right now.

"There"s nothing to explain what it is except it"s a Coen Brothers film so it"s insane," Clooney enthused of the mysterious project. "[In the movie] I get clubbed to death with a tire iron. It made me laugh."

With "Suburbicon" not in the cards, Clooney is shifting his gaze towards "Farragut North," a drama by Beau Willimon.

"It"s about elections," Clooney said of the flick, which focuses on an idealistic young staff member on a presidential campaign, ultimately done in by dirty tricks and partisan politics. "We have the rights and it"s really well done. I want to take a crack at that."

"Farragut North" (named for a D.C. subway stop) is a film about elections and politics, but one "not about the candidates," Clooney explained.

"It"s about the James Carvilles and George Stephanopoulos-s," Clooney said. "I"m really interested in that idea – not of who wins – but ‘winning.""