Poster Exclusive: Jared Leto's 'Chapter 27’

Ever since the day it was announced, "Chapter 27” has been one of the most controversial projects in Hollywood. Now, with this exclusive peek at its brand-new poster, we get our best look yet at the identity-consuming acting efforts of Jared Leto.

'Chapter 27'

To portray infamous John Lennon murderer Mark David Chapman, Leto gained 60 pounds, doing near-irreparable damage to his body through a regimen of every bad-for-you food he could get his hands on. The film co-stars Lindsay Lohan as a groupie hanging around Lennon's residence on the day he gets shot.

When I saw the film at Sundance last year, the audience's reactions made it obvious that some people would love it and others would not. This much, however, is certain: We've never seen a performance quite like what Jared Leto has given us.

"Chapter 27” hits theaters March 28th in New York, and April 4th in Los Angeles.