Judd Apatow Looks Towards 'Anchorman' For Sequel Possibilities

'Anchorman'First the good news: Judd Apatow thinks that one of his films could spawn a sequel, and there's been some minor scuttlebutt among his troupe about what it would look like. Now the bad news: Maybe your grandchildren will get to see it.

You stay classy, San Diego. Now stay classy for...30 years?

"The movie that probably has a best shot at a sequel is 'Anchorman.' Ron Burgundy would be hilarious at 70-years-old, being the anchor," the director mused of what films in his catalogue might demand to be revisited.

Now, nothing says insta-success like releasing a sequel two generations after the original film came out. But, come to think of it, the sight of an elderly Will Ferrell, still boisterous and conceited, warm milk dribbling down his now white beard – that actually would be pretty funny.

"Yeah," Apatow laughed, "We all think it would be fun to see him up on his feet again doing what only he can do. That would be awesome – but it could only happen in 30 years."

What do you think? Would a sequel to "Anchorman" get your kids going? Is there another Judd Apatow film that you think would work as a sequel, or should he just leave well enough alone? Sound off below.

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