Yes, Both Coreys ARE Back For 'Lost Boys' Sequel

Corey Feldman and Corey HaimNearly half a million of you have watched the trailer for "Lost Boys: The Tribe" since we exclusively premiered it last Wednesday.

And nearly as many of you, it seems, aren't talking about what you saw, but disappointed about what you didn't see.

"You have got to be kidding me? Only one Corey?" user Sandman asks. "This is gonna bomb... i wanted to see haim man!"

"It is going to be hard to follow up the classic," echoed user Carpe Diem. "Where is Haim?"

"Yeah, Corey Haims ain't in this one," user CyberGuru2 says in the most false but also most hilarious recent comment on "I overheard he died of a drug overdose."

Ah, yes. The trailer has lots and lots of Corey Feldman, but Corey Haim is nowhere to be seen.

Except, he will be there. But don't take my word for it.

"He is in the film," Feldman insisted when we caught up with him for an extensive interview about all things "Lost Boys."

"It's obviously something that we've been trying to keep under wraps because there's been so much speculation," he revealed, smiling. "There's been so much back and forth. But, that said, I am proud to say he is finally a part of the film."

So there you have it, "Lost Boys" fans. Haim will be returning for more vampire-kicking action. How cool is that?