Michel Gondry Talks 'Ice Kids,' Um, We Think

Michel GondryArticle by Jessica Goebel

Remember that story we ran a few weeks back revealing the title of director Michel Gondry’s next flick? Well, due to communication difficulties with the French filmmaker, we must now make a minor retraction.

"It's funny because I tell you the title, but then because of my accent it's all over the Net with the wrong title!" the occasionally English-challenged director laughed. "It's called 'The Return of the Ice Kids.' But if you say 'Ice Kings,' that's cool too, I guess."

Proving there are no hard feelings, the auteur shared with us a favorite scene from his original script of "Return of the Ice Kids," which centers on teens who invent a kind of water that makes people hear music while drinking it. In one sequence, a teenage character describes his most embarrassing moment: "He talks about one day when he was at an exam and he made some weird noise with his mouth that sounded like a fart, and everybody noticed -- so he kept making weird noises to cover up his nerves," Gondry revealed. "But then it looked like he was covering up a fart."

"This happened to me when I went to high school," he blushed.

Elaborating on the movie's themes, Gondry explained, "The kids are talking about completely unimportant matters, but at the same time they are writing a book of peace." Along with conflict, he added that the film will feature some "completely utopian scenes."

Complex concepts, and broken English to boot? While he's one of our very favorite filmmakers, perhaps now you're beginning to understand why it's so hard to keep Michel's statements straight.

Regardless, anything that this guy says is worth listening to closely. And these tantalizing details continue to indicate that his forthcoming project will be just as fascinatingly fun as Gondry's past credits, which he told us were "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Nine" and "The Science of Sleet."

Oops, wait a minute...