AnnaSophia Robb Thrilled To Scale 'Witch Mountain' With The Rock

robb.jpgKeeping up his smack-down of family friendly films, ex-wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is excited these days about his next Disney flick, based on a classic children's tale that came years before "The Game Plan." And this time, he's joining forces with "Bridge to Terabithia" cutie AnnaSophia Robb.

As the more old-school among us may recall, "Witch Mountain" (formerly "Escape To...") is the tale of an orphan brother and sister with telekinetic powers (now played by Alexander Ludwig and Robb, respectively), running from a scheming millionaire (Johnson) obsessed with the paranormal and aiming to exploit the supernatural siblings.

"He's a great guy – so I'm excited!" enthused the recently-turned-14-year-old, insisting that the thought of being chased by a wrestling champ like The Rock for the length of an entire film will be a joy. "I can't wait to get started."

Equally enthused about her just-cast co-star, the child-actress had high praise for "The Seeker" star who'll be appearing alongside her. "I'm getting really pumped talking with [director] Andy [Fickman], and Alexander Ludwig who's playing my brother," she said, insisting that she's just relieved the writer's strike is finally over. "We will be starting in March, and I'm really excited about it."

Fickman, who also directed Amanda Bynes' "She's The Man" and The Rock's "Game Plan," already has experience keeping Johnson tame and ready for cookie-cutter entertainment. But according to AnnaSophia, the newer version of the film may not require as much pacifying. "It's going to be quite different from the original, with more action, more special effects and a bit deeper in the storyline," Robb said of their remake. "It's going to be a ride. It's going to be fun."

Will Robb and Ludwig make good little action heroes when the flick arrives in 2009, or will The Rock be the only actor scaling new heights with "Mountain"? Give us your thoughts on the movie below!