Twi-Hards, Twilighters Or Something Else? Vote Now And Tell Us!

Ashley GreeneWe've just taken live our latest "Twilight" interview, this one bringing you some of the first public comments by "Rocket Science" actress Anna Kendrick since she was cast in the ridiculously-highly-anticipated film version of Stephenie Meyers' bestselling vampire book series. And frankly, if you're reading this right now, I need your help.

When I ran my recent interview with Rachelle Lefevre, I noticed in the comments below it that a lot of you guys were offended by the term "Twi-Hards." Some of you insisted that "Twilighters" was the more appropriate term to describe die-hard fans of Edward and Bella, and I've since heard a bunch of other names as well.

"Twi-hard?" wrote a reader named Nikki-wa. "Let me go get my brown paper bag."

"Twi-Hards is a nickname Michael Welch lovingly gave us on his blog," wrote TotalEclipse, defending the term. "There are some of us who think it's funny."

Here's the deal: I'm really looking forward to "Twilight," and hope to bring you folks lots of cool news in the months to come. But it's hard to write about the enormous fanbase of which you are a part, unless we can all decide on one of the half-dozen nicknames I seem to be hearing all the time.

So, maybe it's time that Twilight Nation picks a name. Vote in the comments below, and whichever nickname gets the most votes, that's what we here at MTV News will use in all our "Twilight" stories. Twi-Hards? Twilighters? Something else entirely?

And before you vote, here's a quick thought from "Twilight" star Ashley Greene, who told me yesterday that she'd also be appreciative if the fanbase could unite on one common name. "I saw something on IMDb where some people called themselves 'The Twilight Originals,' and I think they are the ones that were fans beforehand. Honestly, I’ve seen the Twi-Hards, Twilight Originals, the Twilighters and The Twilight Moms."

"I think they should pick one name," giggled the actress, who portrays Alice Cullen in the flick. "Everyone should band together, and become one happy 'Twilight' fan base."

Here's your chance to decide, once and for all. Vote below.