Nick Stoller Continues 'Engagement' With Apatow, Segal

Nick StollerThese days, it seems like anything touched by the fingers of Judd Apatow turns to box-office gold. Now, with the near-deafening advance buzz surrounding next month's "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," perhaps the same can be said about Apatow's latest collaborator, Nicholas Stoller.

So, when the director gave us the inside scoop on the next movie he'll team up on alongside Apatow and actor/writer Jason Segal, we weren't "Forgetting" a word of it.

"It's called 'Five-Year Engagement,' and it's about a couple who are almost right for each other, but not a hundred percent there," laughed the 31-year-old rookie filmmaker, whose relationship with Apatow and Segal dates back to their "Freaks and Geeks" days.

"They get engaged," he continued, "and they couldn't be more happy or excited, but they get engaged before most of their friends do...and it takes them five years to get to the's a way to explore relationships, of which Jason and I have had many."

Stoller sees the flick, which will once again star his "Marshall" lead Segal, as an unofficial sequel to the flick about an overlooked boyfriend's separation from his movie star girlfriend. "I think ‘Sarah Marshall' was more the destruction of a relationship, and this will be watching a relationship implode in real time, which I think will be fun," he explained, adding that while Segal is returning, Kristen Bell might not. "We haven't thought that far yet; we're just writing the script. I'm sure we'll try to cajole some of our friends to get to be in it."

The team plans to live free or die on location in The Granite State, and there are already some scenes he can't wait to get on film. "We have a sequence where they are moving to New Hampshire, and Jason's character has decided that he needs to lose some weight," Stoller laughed. "While his girlfriend goes to a party, he goes cross-country skiing and gets lost in the woods. He is literally just lost in the words, while she is getting drunker and drunker at this lunch. I think that could be a pretty funny sequence, where he's terrified in the woods, like in the wild - but then we see that he's like a hundred yards away from the highway."

Stoller also commented on the multiple full-frontal scenes already garnering talk for "Marshall," and claimed he might tell Segal to keep his pants on for "Engagement." "The thing with the Farrelly brothers is that once you do the sperm-in-the-hair thing, you don't need to do it again. I feel like we already did the penis," he laughed. "Then again, I might be saying that prematurely."