Fantasia And Oprah Bring 'The Color Purple' Back To Hollywood As Musical

Fantasia Barrino in 'The Color Purple'Given that he's the most popular and successful director of all time, not many people would have the chutzpah to re-make a Steven Spielberg classic, let alone one that was nominated for eleven Academy Awards.

But, then, Oprah Winfrey ain't exactly most people, Fantasia Barrino told MTV News, revealing that a movie adaptation of "The Color Purple" musical was in the works.

"That's going to happen and I'm going to do it," the former "Idol" champ said, smiling broadly.

Fantasia just ended her run as Celie in the popular show, a role made famous twenty years ago by then up and coming actress Whoopi Goldberg. Celie's return can wait one more year, Fantasia teased, insisting that before she can commit to the flick, she has to go off and make some of her own music first.

"We haven't started yet because I'm going to work on my album. I think it's fair that I committed myself, and promised that after I finish going on a tour, I'll be ready to come back and commit myself to Miss Celie again," Fantasia explained. "I miss my music"

So impressed with her command of the role, Oprah & Co. are going to wait for Fantasia to be ready before moving ahead with the movie to musical to movie musical adaptation, the singer beamed.

"They're going to work with me. They don't have to [but] that's a favor," Fantasia said. "Working with someone like Miss Oprah who's so talented and amazing - It's a blessing."

The movie musical will be the third big budget adaptation of the popular work about the struggles of a young, black girl in early 20th century America. Celie began life in the novel by Alice Walker.

What do you think of re-filming the story, this time as a musical, a la "The Producers" and "Hairspray"? Is Fantasia worth the wait? Sound off below.

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