'A-Team' Movie Still A Question Mark For Woody Harrelson

Woody HarrelsonIt's a good time to be Woody Harrelson these days. After a starring turn in this year's Best Picture winner, the veteran actor has no less than nine films in various stages of development.

But perhaps no movie has fans talking more than the one he isn't even officially attached to...yet.

"I haven't heard anything since I talked to you last," Harrelson said when we pestered him again for details on "The A-Team" movie, in which he's rumored to star as Murdock (click here to see our first time around). "It's still one of those question marks."

Actually, make that a interrobang Harrelson said (well, he didn't actually say "interrobang," but it's way too cool a word to pass up), insisting that "The A-Team" was going to be one "helluva" good movie when those question marks get erased.

"The number one thing is you have John Singleton who's a helluva director," Harrelson said. "The script was pretty funny. It could be a fun part."

In the meantime, Harrelson revealed he's not looking at past episodes for inspiration in preparation should he get the part. Why bother, he thinks, when this version will be so totally different.

"It was totally updated," he said of the film's script. "It's modern times."

Before he gets the opportunity to crack skulls, however, Harrelson is taking a dramatically different turn in "Seven Pounds," a new movie starring Will Smith.

"I play a blind piano player so I'm learning to play some Mozart. For a guy like me with these claws, it's quite a challenge," Harrelson said, before adding. "But I like challenges."

What do you think of the "A-Team" being set in modern times? How about Woody for Murdock? And, seriously, is there a cooler word you never knew existed than interrobang? Sound off below.