D.J. Caruso Says Shia's Still His 'Last Man' For 'Y'

Shia LaBeoufHe's made a number of recent high-profile projects, including the upcoming "Eagle Eye" starring Shia LaBeouf, but not until he came across "Y: The Last Man," did D.J. Caruso ever find a project that's "everything in a movie I liked as a kid, and everything I'd like to make as a grown-up," the director enthused.

There's good reason for that, Caruso playfully admitted, explaining how growing up as the last man on Earth is, well, is a lot like growing up as a director.

"To me, what I love is that it happens to be about a gibberish, foolish boy who never grows up, and I think as a filmmaker you can always relate to that because this is one of those jobs where you don't have to grow up," Caruso said, smiling. "I can really relate. There's some poetry in there."

None more so than in the last few issues, Caruso insisted, revealing his plans to film the entire comic arc...eventually. Almost a year after telling MTV News that he plans on centering the first movie on just the first twelve issues, Caruso was more certain than ever that that leaves plenty of room for parts II and III.

"I see it as a trilogy because there is so much to put in. Where the first movie ends doesn't even relate to the last issue because it's so far down the road," he said. "It hasn't succeeded so far in the screenplay format because everyone keeps trying to throw everything in there. We're only taking this [first] story so far."

As of now, taking it even that far still rests on the young shoulders of LaBeouf, who remains the director's primary choice for the lead role of Yorick, Caruso said.

"We're talking about. He's got such a busy schedule that's hard to fit in because he's doing 'Transformers 2’ and whatever after," Caruso smiled. "But I would love to see him do it and we are trying to work it out."

Would you like to see LaBeouf in the lead role, or is there another actor you think would be a better fit? Sound off below.