Fall Out Boy And Seth Green(?!?) Team Up For Amish-Flavored 'Sex Drive'

Pete Wentz and Seth GreenSo, through the magic of MTV (and American Airlines), I recently found myself down in Belle Glade, Florida -- town motto: "Her Soil Is Her Future" -- on the set of the upcoming teen-sex romp/road trip flick "Sex Drive." The location was the University of Florida's Everglades Research Center, which on this day had been made up to resemble an Amish community in the middle of Indiana (think horse-drawn carriages, butter churns and weathered barns.) And to add to the overall Amish-ness, the producers even decided to import a platinum-plus pop-punk act: Fall Out Boy.

Sound bizarre? Well, let me explain. The story goes that on the way to a show in Ohio, FOB's tour bus breaks down, and they're stranded in the middle of Amish country. Luckily, they're quickly discovered by none other than Seth Green, whose character, Ezekiel, sports a rather unweildy beard and an overwhelming desire to never end his Rumspringa (an Amish tradition in which adolescent members of the faith leave their secluded lives and engage in all manner of real-world chicanery.) Ezekiel agrees to fix the band's bus, in exchange for them playing his Rumspringa party. By coincidence, the film's protagonist, Josh Zuckerman, and his two pals (Clark Duke and Amanda Crew) have also found themselves stranded in Ezekiel's village (they're on the road from Chicago to Nashville to meet a girl Zuckerman falls in love with on the Internet), and much rocking, smoking of home-made bongs, beer funnelling and shenanigans ensue.

Sounds awesome, I know. And if that wasn't enough, I was lucky enough to witness FOB and Green riff their way through a couple of scenes (there was no dialogue written,) hang out on Fall Out's tour bus (Patrick Stump made a turkey sandwich) and then witness the band rock a barn filled with extras in full-blown Amish garb. I also managed to get Green and the band together to discuss what it takes to authentically portray an Amish Rumspringa party, and just how Green managed to make his beard look so authentic (think science, and a generous helping of Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman's pubes.) Check it out below.

Scintilating stuff, for sure. "Sex Drive" is due in theaters this October.