The Jean-Claude Van Damme/Steven Seagal Movie That Never Will Be...‘Demolition Man'

Jean-Claude Van DammeRemember when films like "Under Siege 2: Dark Territory" and "Time Cop" were dignified with theatrical releases? Yeah, I'm getting misty-eyed too. I got a chance to talk at length the other day with the one and only Jean-Claude Van Damme and the interview is definitely worth checking out if you've ever been a fan. I really felt for the guy as he wistfully hoped for a comeback.

Anyway, in the course of our chat, Van Damme revealed that he and Seagal nearly came to blows on the screen way back when in a little film called "Demolition Man!"

Here's what he told me: "Years ago it was proposed that I would do a film with Steven Seagal. I was supposed to be in 'Demolition Man' with him. It was a great project. The script I read was a lot different than the one Sly did with Wesley Snipes. I was the bad guy. He was the good guy because he was the Warner Bros guy."

The mind practically explodes at the film that might have been, doesn't it? So did Warner Brothers make the right choice or would you have liked to have seen a Van Damme take on Simon Phoenix? Sound off.