'Star Trek' Security Keeps Bruce Greenwood On Defensive

If you think getting to your office is a grind, you should try working on the U.S.S. Enterprise joked "Star Trek" co-star Bruce Greenwood, who is set to assume the role of original Starfleet captain Christopher Pike in J.J. Abrams' upcoming reboot.

"I can't tell you anything! I gotta stop talking to you. Don't ask me anymore questions!" the veteran actor laughed on the blue carpet at the Independent Spirit Awards, where he was being honored for his work in the Bob Dylan biopic "I'm Not There."

"The disclosure agreement is like, THAT thick," he added, holding his arms six inches apart, before lifting his jacket over his head and wrapping his face in his coat. "We go to the set like this. I'm not kidding...that's all we can do!"

But while he couldn't disclose much beyond that he was a fan of "The Menagerie" (an episode of the original series which dealt extensively with Captain Pike), Greenwood was full of praise for his young co-stars, particularly Anton Yelchin, who's playing Mr. Chekov.

"The kids are all great, good actors...smart," he enthused. "[Anton's] a good chess player. He's the best chess player on our set."

Given that our interview took place at the Spirit Awards, where stars gathered to celebrate voices in independent cinema, did Greenwood see a disconnect with "Star Trek," a big-time blockbuster if there ever was one?

"No," he said. "['Star Trek'] stared with a very strong artistic voice, [and our movie] is a celebration of that."