Owen Wilson, Steve Coogan Return For 'Night At The Museum 2,' Amy Adams To Play Amelia Earhart

Ben Stiller in 'Night at the Museum'The cast continues to come together for the highly anticipated sequel to "Night at the Museum." We knew the film, subtitled "Escape from the Smithsonian" once again starred Ben Stiller, this time alongside newcomers Hank Azaria and Amy Adams, but now we know some other familiar faces are returning, plus who the villain is.

"I am playing a fictional Egyptian pharaoh that comes to life," Azaria revealed to MTV News. "I'm the villain in the movie and have all sorts of nasty plans for modern society and poor Ben Stiller gets caught in the middle of it."

As for the rest of the cast, Azaria says that recent addition Amy Adams will in fact be playing Amelia Earhart and that many of the original cast are set to return. "Owen [Wilson] is coming back and so is Steve Coogan and Ricky Gervais. And there's other fun folks too who haven't officially signed on yet playing historical figures," he teased.

Thomas Jefferson? Queen Elizabeth? Who do you want to see in "Night at the Museum 2" and more importantly, who should play them?