'Bond' Screenwriter Paul Haggis Has 'No Idea' What 'Quantum Of Solace' Means

Daniel Craig as James Bond in 'Quantum Of Solace'Some four weeks after it was announced, you're probably still wondering what the title of the next James Bond movie, "Quantum of Solace," actually means. Star Daniel Craig insisted that the oddly-phrased moniker "ties into the plot," but don't tell that to the Oscar-winning writer of the script...because he's just as confused as the rest of us.

"I have no idea," Paul Haggis admitted when I asked him for the meaning on the Oscar red carpet Sunday. "It's not my title."

Following his stellar work on "Casino Royale," Haggis passed in his second and final draft of the then-untitled 22nd Bond script just hours before the Writers Strike began. Casting, filming, and an official title have all made major headlines in the months since, all while the high-profile "Crash" writer/director has moved on to other projects.

Sometimes, a star's lack of words says everything you need to know. So, believe me when I say that Haggis was less-than-enthusiastic about the three-word title that has been attached to his script. When I asked what he thought of it, he just sighed and said: "No comment."

With the exception of what will be appearing on theater marquees next November, Haggis said he's encouraged by the reports he's been getting from "Finding Neverland" director Marc Forster's set. "I'm not supposed to say anything [about the plot]," he shrugged. "I finished it before the strike, and now they're off shooting it. I haven't actually heard from them, other than the fact that it's going very, very well. And Marc's doing a great job. That's what I hear."

Does is worry you that the main writer of "Quantum of Solace" has no idea what the title means? Or are you willing to give the Bond team the benefit of the doubt after "Royale"?