Gondry Preps 'Be Kind, Rewind' Sequel, Starts Race War, Kills Dog

Melonie Diaz, Jack Black and Mos Def in 'Be Kind Rewind'If you thought "Be Kind, Rewind" was off-beat or eccentric, wait'll you get a load of director Michel Gondry's proposed sequel, which could be called "Rewound" if I didn't already dub it "The Weirdest Friggin Thing I Have Ever Heard of In My Life."

"The sequel would happen this way: Mia [Farrow] and Danny Glover are together, Alma [Melonie Diaz] and Mos Def are together, Jack [Black] is left alone and so he's kind of depressed," Gondry explained. "But one day he finds a little dog and gets very attached to it."

So far, pretty normal. I could totally see Jack Black sublimating his feelings onto a dog. It fits. He's kind of a wacky outsider to begin with, and especially sympathetic if all is buddies mate up. You almost had me fooled Michel. I thought for a second there you were going to say something off the wall - like he's so angry he takes over City Hall.

"What happens is that they decide to take over City Hall," Gondry further explained. "So it's sort of a socialist collaborative system. They open a restaurant with free food, they refuse to send money to the war, and they get more [jobs] for people. Everything goes very well."

Ok, that's still kinda cool, since "Be Kind, Rewind" is all about the contributions we make as individuals. Taking it out of the video store and projecting that message to a larger community could be wry social criticism. I'm coming around.

"Unfortunately, Danny Glover wakes up with a sort of a pain in his brain. He becomes super racist, calls Jerry a dirty [ethnic slur] and asks him to leave the video store;" Gondry continued. "He blames the Polish for having brought the African-Americans [into] accepting the lowest wage jobs. It's terrible, frenzied, racism."

Wait, are you going to film a race war? An honest to god race war? In a comedy? I don't' believe it. There's no way it could happen, right?

"It gets worse and worse and at the end there is a [race] war that's starting," Gondry said. "Basically, segregation is reinstalled. Mike [Mos Def] is leading the African-American community, and Alma the Hispanic community, and Jack is leading the Polish community and they start to fight in a horrible fight."

How do you get from Jack rescuing a dog to a race war? Hey, whatever happened to that dog anyway? No, wait, I can see it coming. I take back my quest---

"As soon as the fight starts, the little dog dies, and everybody is so upset that they make peace and stop [fighting]," Gondry answered. "And it turns out that Danny had a brain tumor that was benign and so that's why he became racist. Everything restarts and goes back to normal."

I feel the need to clarify that this is 100% real. Honest to blog. Gondry even wanted to film it up at Sundance.

"[But] we didn't have enough time," he said. "I wanted to do the sequel in one hour because we had all the cast together, but some arrived too late or too early."

I don't mean to be hard on Gondry. I love his work. This synopsis, however, makes me want to rewind my brain. But what do you think of Gondry's wacky idea for "Be Kind, Rewind 2"? Sound off below.