Exclusive George Romero Column: Why You Should See 'Diary Of The Dead'

George RomeroArticle by George Romero

I'm George Romero, and to all you fans out there, and those who aren't my fans but are reading this anyway, I've got a new movie, one I love, coming out today. It's called "Diary of the Dead," and it's a return to my roots, to the days of "Night of the Living Dead" when it was just me and my friends working to put something we cared about on the screen.

It was great to be able to do things my own way again, to have the freedom to come up with ideas on the spur of the moment and not have anyone leaning over my shoulder and telling me all the reasons that I couldn't.

What I came up with – what "Diary of the Dead" is – is a fresh start for me as a filmmaker. It represents pretty much everything I know how to do, and a lot of what I think these days.

It's about a group of student filmmakers making a mummy movie in the woods when something even more horrifying happens -- the living dead come back to life.

People tell me it's scary. I hope it is, but not just because it's a about things that go bump in the night. I hope you'll be frightened by what it says about how we live. The zombies could be any big catastrophe that's happened to any of us – scary because of how it suddenly turns the world on its ass and forces us out of our happy, sometimes thoughtless lives.

And, of course, scary because if you're not careful, you might get chomped by a walking dead person.

I hope you all go to see this movie and, most important, I hope you'll have an opinion about it. That's what we need more of these days, Opinions. Convictions. A little independent thinking.

It's a frightening world we're living in – in movie theaters and out – and I wanted "Diary" to echo some of that fear. We're all getting the flesh chewed off our bones, one way or the other. So let me know what you think of the movie. In the meantime, I'll sign off the way I usually do.

Stay scared,

George A. Romero

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