Fleur Delacour Won't Appear in 'Half-Blood Prince' Says 'Harry Potter' Actress

Clémence PoésyFleur Delacour doesn't know her own fate -- at least, Clémence Poésy, the actress who played her in "Goblet of Fire," hasn't read beyond that book yet. Poesy told MTV News that she's not back in what she calls "Harry Potter world" just yet and won't be appearing in "Half-Blood Prince" -- which probably means that the subplot of her character's engagement to Bill Weasley has been cut out or is only a mention, no actual scenes.

Still, there's hope for Phlegm -- we mean, Fleur -- in "Hallows," since the couple's wedding is a major action sequence when it's disrupted by Death Eaters, and the newlywed's home at Shell Cottage becomes a place of refuge -- but don't tell her that.

"Somebody already told me the end of 'Order of the Phoenix,' and I was like, 'You're ruining everything!'" Poésy laughed, since she plans to read the remaining books on her next vacation "back to back." Still, she can't resist asking for one spoiler: "Has Harry done some bad things?"

Maybe that's the influence of her latest film "In Bruges" speaking. Reunited with several of her Potter castmates, including Brendan Gleeson, Mad-Eye Moody in Potter, now as a hitman named Ken, and Ralph Fiennes, who as Voldemort is always trying to kill Harry, now playing a hitman boss named ...Harry. "Isn't that funny?" exclaimed Poésy. "We didn't tease [Ralph] about it, but maybe we will now. I had met Brendan before, and he was really sweet. He liked scaring kids with his costume, showing it to all the extras, who were like, 'How do you do that with your eye?'"

Not that Poésy isn't above scaring the kids as well. "It would be nice of you not to write that," she teased. "The kids think I have powers, so I can say, 'Be careful, otherwise I can turn you into a frog! I've learned.' So don't tell anyone I don't have witchcraft powers."

In "In Bruges," Poésy has powers of a different sort - she's able to magnetically attract Colin Farrell, who plays yet another hitman, when he crashes a film set she's on. Her character Chloe's not an actress though. "She tells him she sells drugs to film crews, and he doesn't believe her," Poesy said. "He says, 'I murder people for money,' she says, 'I sell drugs,' and nobody believes the other. I think she just likes him. He seems innocent, childish, talking about midgets, and his eyes, they're so big and completely innocent for a hitman who's just committed a huge murder."

And compared to her character's ex-boyfriend, with whom Chloe scams tourists, Farrell's Ray seems "kind of nice." Can she say the same thing for Colin? "I know he kills people for money, but he never tells anyone," she joked. "It would be very presumptious of me to tell you what else Colin is like."

Despite their characters crimes, they remain pretty likeable, well, save for Fiennes' Harry. "They're doing bad things with a good heart," Poésy said.

"It's never black or white. It's all greys. If we were all perfect, it wouldn't be as beautiful. Even in simple fairy tales, you've got some awful things."

It's a running joke in "In Bruges" that Harry set Ken and Ray there because the town is like a "f--king fairy tale." But Poésy thinks perhaps her character was the only one who got a happy ending. And as for her Potter world counterpart, she's hoping for a happy ending there as well. "They get married, have lots of kids, never have a fight, and never divorce," she guesses. We don't want to spoil it for her, but let's just say Fleur makes it to the epilogue. "It'd be a pleasure," Poésy said, "to go back and pop in before it all finishes."