'Juno' Star Ellen Page Ready To Tear Clothes Off For Patti Smith

Ellen PageEvery now and then, we get caught up in one of these cool stories that turns us into the proverbial string in a game of telephone. There was the time we used your comments to help The Rock choose his Shazam! role, or that time we talked Zac Efron into give his fans a special wink. Now, we seem caught up in a love sandwich between "Juno" sweetie Ellen Page and punk rock pioneer Patti Smith.

You might remember the recent article we ran that had the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famer thanking Page for a shout-out in the hit movie. Needless to say, when we told Page about the message from one of her idols recently, she was beside herself.

"Oh my God, that's incredible!" the Oscar-nominated 20-year-old shrieked, swelling with so much pride that she nearly resembled her pregnant character. "That is really cool!"

When we spoke with Smith, she had read a recent interview that had Page listing her as the one person in the world she'd most like to meet. "That's so nice," she responded, saying she'd love to visit the young actress. "I haven't been able to meet her yet."

But wait! The plot thickens: According to Page, they did speak once, many years before Ellen became a star.

"She doesn't actually know this, but we spoke once, extremely briefly, in Belgium, in a small town called Ghent," the actress revealed. "It was in the lobby of a hotel, and she had just performed, and I said 'Thank you for performing,' but I was sooooo star struck. She would never remember that."

Nevertheless, Page still hopes to meet up with Patti for more than a four-word fan encounter, and hopes the "Juno" shout-out will continue to send new listeners to the classic Smith albums that have influenced generations of teenagers.

"I would just tell her that I adore her, and I think 'Horses' is one of the greatest albums of all time," Page beamed, sending a message back to her hero. "Her music paralyzes me. It is so beautiful, and it makes me want to rip my clothes off and run through the streets!"