Iron Man Takes Flight With New Super Bowl Commercial

Up, up and away! OK, so maybe it's a different superhero that typically spits out that catchphrase, but in this spankin' new photo from the highly anticipated blockbuster flick "Iron Man," Tony Stark is in the early stages of elbowing into Superman's airspace.


This screenshot is an early peek from the "Iron Man" Super Bowl TV spot that will air on Sunday. It's also significant because it gives fans a peek at the underground garage of billionaire industrialist Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and one of his early versions of the iconic suit, both of which we could only describe after we crashed the Marvel Comics set in June.

As you can see, Stark is surrounded by all sorts of expensive gadgetry and top-notch sports cars in his secret lab, but after his life-altering capture and escape in Iraq, he's consumed with thoughts of perfecting his newest toy. On this early version of the suit, you can see the light of his repulsor beam, as well as the arm and foot rockets that will soon allow him to fly alongside everything from enemy combatants to fighter jets.

Co-starring Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges, and overseen by "Swingers" star-turned-super-director Jon Favreau, the flick hits theaters May 2. After the big game, be sure to check back with on Monday morning, when we'll have a full breakdown of all the weekend's new movie ads, as well as a link to the full "Iron Man" TV spot.