Stella On Stage? Wain In Talks For 'Wet Hot American Musical'

wet_hot.jpgA deep, soulful love anthem blares on the soundtrack. "I want you inside of me," the singer croons to his unrequited mistress.

Hold on. Say that line again? "I said, 'Oh hey, from before," the singer bellows.

No, we're not going crazy at the MTV Movies Blog - we're just busy thinking what sort of rock ballads the kids will be shouting if "Wet Hot American Summer" director David Wain has his way.

"There's been talk of a musical," he said of a possible adaptation for the 2001 cult film, which starred, among others, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, and Michael Ian Black as teenagers at a summer camp.

But while Wain starts putting his calls into Chris Meloni's agents (and forget "Law and Order," Chris, this is something you need to do), he promises that "Wet Hot American Summer" will be returning, in a manner of speaking, as a brand, spanking new DVD.

"One of the projects on my plate is a new much better signature DVD of the film," Wain revealed. "It would have a new addendum to the film that we would shoot now."

All this for a comedy that didn't even make $300,000 when it was released?

"It's become something of a staple, cult film," Wain beamed.

Honestly, what's the funniest song you can come up with using lyrics from the film? Sound off below.