Wu-Tang's RZA Joins Jude Law And Forest Whitaker For 'Repossession Mambo'

RZAArticle by Elena Torres with additional reporting by Larry Carroll

Although the 2009 blockbuster "Repossession Mambo" has already lined up Forest Whitaker, Jude Law, and Liev Schrieber, any modern moviegoer knows that no star-studded cast is complete without a hip-hop personality transitioning from his latest bump-and-grind single.

So, following on the heels of flicks like "American Gangster," "Crash" and "Black Snake Moan," the high-profile flick has decided to dance with RZA, leader of the Wu-Tang clan. "It's going to be a big movie," the hip-hop mogul exclaimed. "I play a music producer who is strung out on drugs, and I can't afford to pay my bills. They've got to repossess my heart."

By "They," he means Whitaker and Law, who play repossession agents for a company that makes human organs. The sci-fi film is set a few years in the future, where artificial organs are only a credit card away, but so is the debt. The duo spend their days chasing after those who fail to make their payments on the missing body parts.

If all that sounds vaguely familiar, you might have read our recent visit to the set of "Repo! The Musical!" a competing project starring Paris Hilton. Both venture into dark, organ-repossession humor, and like any great "Volcano" vs. "Dante's Peak"-like battle, each are already accusing the other of stealing ideas.

But back to "Mambo": RZA's character is one of the in-debt characters in the flick, and he tried to explain his imperiled character to us. "What was my name in that movie?" he laughed. "That's one thing I like about movies — you can walk away and forget your name."

What he'll never forget, however, is the screwed-up circumstances that occur when the organ repo man tries to take his character's innards. "[I love] what happens to the guy who tries to do it," he laughed. "It's funny what happens; it's really funny. But I don't want to ruin it."

Think RZA's got it in him to keep the "American Gangster" momentum going and someday earn himself an Oscar nomination? Or should he stick to Wu-ing his clan? Give us your predictions below.