Vin Diesel Can't Seem To 'Stray' From His Youth

Vin DieselArticle By Elena Torres

The pimples, the tacky fashion, the embarrassing haircuts. Imagine if Steven Spielberg saw YOU during that painfully awkward high school phase.

In a way, that's kind of what happened to actor/writer/director Vin Diesel eleven years ago at the Sundance Film Festival. Spielberg saw the star's first film "Strays" and went on to cast the man who would be Riddick in "Saving Private Ryan," jump-starting the actor's career.

"You look back to the beginning and your first work…I think it's like looking at a high school yearbook," Diesel laughed of the new-to-DVD "Strays."

In the end, however, it seems like the awkward experience of youth ended up working to Diesel's advantage. Spielberg saying Diesel had a groundbreaking approach to filmmaking? Just poor financial planning, Vin acknowledged.

"When I shot this movie, we were on such a shoestring budget. We had four weeks scheduled to shoot and at the end of the third week, we were told that we had no more money and that we wouldn't be able to do the last twenty-five percent of [the flick]," Diesel recalled. "So that night, I went back home and rewrote the script. There was actually going to be a different ending to this movie. [But what we wound up with] all came out of this kind of last-minute request to wrap up the whole picture in day."

That ending? "Intimacy with a woman," Diesel teased.

Oh boy. We all know what Steven thinks. What do you make of Vin Diesel's "Strays"? Sound off below.

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