The 'Cloverfield'/Fall Out Boy Connection: Secrets Revealed

We knew we had a mystery on our hands when Fall Out Boy's frontman Pete Wentz revealed to us that the writer of "Cloverfield," Drew Goddard, told him that he "based much of the film" on Fall Out Boy's Infinity on High much so that if you played the flick and the record simultaneously, they would sync up like "Wizard of Oz" and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

So...what's the whole story? Well, as we report exclusively, Wentz may have gotten some things lost in translation. When we reached out to Goddard, he told us: "To clarify ... I was playing their album the whole time while writing 'Cloverfield.' I don't want to undercut [the idea that the movie was inspired by FOB's album], but it was just that the album came out at the same time as I was writing the script, and the way I work, I need music on in the background, and I was playing it, so it was inspiring in that sense, so I told them it was inspiring." For more on this story, watch the video below and then click here to read our full report.