A Return To 'Jurassic Park' Wouldn't Be Dino-Mite Says Star

Alessandro NivolaGod creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates movie about dinosaurs...movie about dinosaurs becomes the biggest film in history, spawning two sequels, billions of dollars in revenue, and a veritable cottage industry of toys and games. But will there ever be another?

It's the most discussed on-again, off again sequel in recent memory, but if "Jurassic Park IV" ever DOES get made, one thing's for sure, joked franchise castmember Alessandro Nivola, it sure as heck won't include him.

Hold onto your butts - somebody's about to bump himself out of a movie.

"If they were to bring my character back they would have a real problem," he laughed. "In the third one I got so gored by these pterodactyls! I think I would be like Mark Hamill in the last 'Star Wars.' I would have to be still wrapped in gauze throughout the movie.

"I imagine they are going to try to avoid that situation," Nivola concluded.

But, then, at least he has a chance of coming back – which is a lot more than he would have had if they followed the original script, Nivola revealed.

"[Billy] was originally in that scene where those birds start pecking at him, and I think that was the last you were meant to see of him," Nivola confessed. "And I think maybe they thought awww, those kids are gonna be a little freaked out - the youngest guy in the movie has just been bumped off. So they had me re-appear looking worse for wear on the helicopter."

"Jurassic Park IV": They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should. Would you like to see another trip down dinosaur lane? And, if so, what characters would you like to return? Sound off below.