Forget The Stars: Sundance Deals Hit Record Levels

bonoU2, P-Diddy, Morgan Spurlock and Charlize Theron were just a few of Hollywood's elite who took to the slopes of Sundance this past week to showcase their films – and my colleagues at MTV News spoke with all of them.

But forget the stars. From ground zero here in Los Angeles, the bird's eye view of the Festival was full of dollars, not Cents (as in 50), meaning big paydays for the following filmmakers:

"Hamlet 2": Hamlet tells his friend Horatio that "There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in [his] philosophy." Yeah, no kidding, apparently there was a whole other story! The comedy flick with Steve Coogan as a teacher who writes a Shakespearean sequel sold to Focus Features for $10 million, easily the tops of the festival. And they said he was indecisive.

"American Teen": This documentary feature on four high school students (a jock, a cheerleader, a nerd, and a hipster sold to Paramount Vantage for $1-$2 million. I rented it from Blockbuster for $2, except my copy at the words "Breakfast Club" on the front.

"Henry Poole is Here": MTV broke the news on Luke Wilson's involvement in this quirky drama last year, and now the story of a man who moves into a new house soon after he learns he's dying sold for $4 million to Overture Films. So where's our cut?

"Choke": The first rule about Sundance deals? Don't talk about Sundance deals. Chuck Palahniuk's latest "Precious Little Snowflake" to be adapted sold for $5 million to Fox Searchlight. Starring Sam Rockwell, the story centers on a sex addict who cons his way into the lives of rich people by fake choking.