'Fields Of Fuel': A Sundance Review

Fields of FuelArticle by Damian Vaca

In the Line: The most exciting part about Sundance is the entire waiting in line experience -- especially when one of your great friends are in the film! Carrie Lazar, a bio-diesel driver, was the sole reason why I went to this screening. The vibe was of excitement and the hope that this film will not be a 2-hour brain washing gimic that preaches more than teaches. People spoke about the grassroots marketing efforts of marked bio-diesel taxi cabs driving up and down main street to trying to fully understand what exactly this whole bio-diesel thing is and does it really have anything to do with them.

In the Theatre: Walking into the theater you are now surrounded by a vibe of people who truly appreciate what films are. Josh Tickell, the director of Fields of Fuel, was very charismatic and driven. The theater would fill with laughter at some of the lighter moments to complete silence when Mr. Tickell explained how easy and beneficial the concept of bio-diesel fuel really is. Once the film ended and the credits rolled the theater stood to their feet in a standing ovation to Mr. Tickell who greeted the room with a quick Q&A and brought the cast and crew on stage with him to share the moment. I can honestly say that the best part on a personal level was watching my friend Carrie, who constantly educates me on bio-diesel, leave her seat and also take the stage. How crazy is that??? There are so many films submitted to this festival and only a few are picked and to be a part of a film where you know someone in the actual film -- well it was one of those surreal moments of excitement and content!

The Verdict: If you are a fan of "An Inconvienient Truth," "SICKO," or any Michael Moore-esque film than you are going to love this film. It urges the power of the vote, the power of change, and the power of you. You have the momentum to make certain small changes that can impact this world. We are currently in a war where most Americans think it is for the control of oil. This film just gives the voice that this war is not needed and we do not need oil - we can use bio-diesel fuel made from corn, wood chips, algae and alleviate the pressure we put on this earth. Final say: watch the film, learn from it, and make it happen.

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