'The Wackness': A Sundance Review

The WacknessArticle by Alyssa Vitrano

"The Wackness" is one of the most talked about films at the festival this year, so we've hit the ground running with our coverage, starting at the film's premiere to talking to the eclectic cast. One of our very own saw the film and cuts through the hype to share her thoughts.

On the Line: This was probably the film I'd heard most about, solely due to the fact that Mary-Kate's in it. I knew it was about a teenaged drug dealer who pays for therapy with pot, which sounded like it could turn out to be kind of lame.

In the Theater: Disregard the MK hype, because everyone else has bigger and far more impressive roles. Josh Peck was great, the dialogue was sharp and funny, and how can you go wrong with a 1994 soundtrack. Biggie, Biggie, Biggie...

The Verdict: Loved it. Relatable, smart screenplay and good performances. Not as super-clever as Juno (which Olivia Thirlby was also in, though I actually liked her more in this), but that's why I liked it--a little more true to life while still being funny and interesting.

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