Bill Pullman's Getting Some 'Star Wars' Sundance Action

Bill PullmanTwenty-one years ago, he launched a leading man career spoofing "Star Wars." Now, Bill Pullman's shooting his newest film with one of the sci-fi film's actors - albeit a much, much smaller version of him.

From the "I Can't Believe This Just Happened" department: At 10:43 am Sunday morning, yours truly was standing on Main Street, walking out of a Sundance interview and trying to figure out where the next one was.

Looking down the busy street, I spied a man walking up the sidewalk with a video camera in one hand, holding an action figure in front of it. I thought: "Oh, it's another goofy wannabe filmmaker, shooting some dumb video for his blog."

As the man walked past me, alone, I got a good look at the toy and yelled: "Hey, Grand Moff Tarkin, what's up?"

After a few steps, the guy holding the camera turned around and said "What did you say?", to which I replied "Is that Grand Moff Tarkin, from 'Star Wars?''

"Yes, yes he is," said the filmmaker, never turning off the camera and getting my interaction with it into the shot. It was only then that I looked past the toy for the first time and saw a familiar smile growing over the face of the wannabe filmmaker - Bill freakin' Pullman!

Only at Sundance, folks. Mr. Spaceballs is indeed up here promoting the film "Phoebe in Wonderland," and I would've loved to ask him a few questions, but I was too stunned as he turned back around, kept Darth Vader's former boss in front of the camera, and headed up Main.

I can't wait to see the film, Bill, even though I wish you were using a vintage 80's Moff rather than one of Hasbro's newer, inferior figures (Gotta keep it real, y'know?). Either way, it's the oddest film set I've ever stumbled upon - and that includes "Mr. Woodcock."

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