'Transsiberian': Sundance Review

Woody Harrelson in Transsiberian

Article by Alyssa Vitrano

On the Line: One of the great things about seeing a movie at Sundance is that you haven't seen a trailer that gives away 80% of the movie. And since I saw Transsiberian early on, I hadn't even heard much buzz about it yet. All I knew was that Woody Harrelson was in it and, after skimming an email I'd gotten about it, also knew it was a thriller that took place on a train that travelled from Beijing to Moscow. Sounded like it could be cool.

In the Theater: Thought Woody Harrelson and Emily Mortimer--who actually has the much larger and more demanding role--were excellent. Was thoroughly engaged in the suspense and the characters were well drawn. (There's also a nasty train attendant who couldn't be more of a 180 from the one on The Darjeeling Express.) The end got a bit unbelievable, so I lost some enthusiasm when the previously-strong screenplay started to unravel a bit.

The Verdict: Thumbs up for well-crafted suspense and some interesting plot turns I didn't see coming. The end does get a bit unreal, but that part was short enough so didn't ruin how much I liked the rest of the movie.

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