'The Fast And The Furious' Franchise Drifts Toward Another Sequel

vin2.jpgArticle By Elena Torres

Batman, Indy, Hulk, Rambo and Bond are just some of the favorite action heroes coming back to theatres in 2008. But audiences will have to wait until 2009 for the greatest of all...

Well, at least according to Vin Diesel.

"I think doing the cameo in 'Tokyo Drift' confirmed a lot of things for me. It confirmed that if you create a role that the world kind of identifies with, or the world adopts, sometimes you have that responsibility to revisit that role," Diesel enthused of his character Dominic Toretto from the "Fast and the Furious" franchise, which he will revisit in the series' upcoming fourth installment.

Most fans had given up on the idea of once again seeing Diesel in arguably his most famous part, but it turns out the actor just likes to take his time.

"I'm a little bit slower than the average actor that just jumps into the sequel, but I think the time has come to revisit Dom Toretto."

Diesel isn't alone. Paul Walker has also signed on to reprise his role in the upcoming sequel, Vin confirmed.

"Gotta have Paul Walker," the actor smiled.

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