Dane Cook Is 'Dead Already,' Prepares For Action Movie Role

Dane CookIn just this past year alone, Dane Cook has gone from comic to killer to dramatist in movies like "Good Luck Chuck," "Mr. Brooks," and "Dan in Real Life." But the biggest reinvention is yet to come, Cook excitedly revealed to MTV News, as he prepares for his next role in...an action movie?

Believe it, Cook teased, saying he's getting ready to give the Superfinger to crime in "Dead Already," a buddy cop movie "in the vein of 'Lethal Weapon.'"

"It's got a really interesting take-off from the typical buddy cop movie which has been done in so many ways. This definitely had an element that was like, 'Wow, I've never seen that before,'" he said of the script, which he's currently looking at as a starring vehicle. "You got some crazy stunts and action sequences, but you got some comedy in there too. We'll see if we can get it off the ground, but I certainly would like to play in that area."

"Dead Already" is just one of several action pictures Cook currently has in various stages of development, he said. But regardless of the movie he ultimately chooses, entering the action genre is definitely "the game plan next," he insisted.

"When I see a movie like a 'Rush Hour' or something I always find myself saying I'd love to do something in and around that world," he said. "If you know my comedy than you know that I love physical comedy. I'm just a person that likes to use physicality and language."

Language like "Get on the ground dirtbag," or "You have the right to remain silent," or ""The 3 Stooges" are on in 20 minutes." Wait, what?

"I just watched 'Lethal Weapon' the other day and it's like, if you watch that movie now it's incredible how it goes from being really funny and silly to really tragic. There's some wild stuff in there," Cook said of the film's tone, one he wants to strike with "Dead Already." "I forgot how many scenes in this movie are dealing with suicide and all kinds of insane, heavy topics. Then all of a sudden he's being wacky and doing Three Stooges. I haven't seen anything like that in an action movie since. I'd love to see or be a part of a movie that pulls that off again."

Think Dane Cook would make a good gun-toting hero? Think he's out of his element? Think, like me, that the "There's Only One October" ads made you want to kill yourself? Sound off below.